Personal Injury Litigation for South Texas

Escobedo & Cardenas, LLP handles serious personal injury claims for plaintiffs on a contingent fee basis and represents businesses in commercial litigation. With over 40 years of combined experience and millions of dollars in recovered money for our clients, you can trust us to handle your case.

What is a personal injury case?

In the most basic sense, a personal injury case can be brought forward when someone has suffered an injury and needs compensation for the damage itself and any further damage that occurred as a result, such as lost days of work. We believe no one should have to suffer an injury and not be compensated for it accordingly, and our team ensures that will never happen to you.

Categories of personal injury cases

Curious about what actually falls under the umbrella term of “personal injury?” We are here to help. There are actually far more things that are categorized as personal injury than you may think. Below is a list of some of the most common categories of personal injury and some examples of each.

  • Accidents

    • Sometimes things happen that are out of our hands. You could be walking down the street and slip on ice. You could be driving your car and get hit by a truck running a red light. Incidents like this where no harm is intended but where harm does occur definitely qualify as personal injury cases.
  • Defective products

    • Have you ever bought a product that was defective? Sometimes defective products can be simple fixes where you send them back to the company and get a refund. Other times, the products can cause severe damage. A great example of this would be a defective air bag in a vehicle you’ve purchased or unhealthy food that caused you to be poisoned. These are all examples of defective products that could result in an injury case.
  • Intentional acts

    • Sometimes people cause harm to one another on purpose. Examples of these cases include assault and battery. When someone causes you harm in this way, they are liable for paying for your personal injury. After dealing with the trauma of an attack on your person, the last thing you should have to do is foot the bill for the damages as well.

While these are some common examples of personal injury claims, there are many other things that could qualify. Do you think that you have been the victim of an incident that requires personal injury litigation?

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Amount Damages Type of Case
$57,000,000.00 Two Deaths Product Liability – Post collision fuel fire
$32,000,000.00 One Death Product Liability
$18,000,000.00 One Death Product Liability – Defective design heavy equipment
$14,000,000.00 One Death Product Liability – Defective dryer
$13,500,000.00 One Death Negligence – Electrocution
12,300,000.00 One Death Product Liability – Ignition by water heater
$10,522,909.00 Three Deaths Product Liability – Defective mast climber
$10,000,000.00 One Death Product Liability – Defective Winch
$4,140,800.00 One Death Premises Liability
$5,500,000 Two Deaths Product Liability – Defective steering equipment



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