Mediation Lawyer in Edinburg

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you and your family are well given the current circumstances. Recently, several attorneys have inquired about moving forward with mediations during the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions which are arising as a result of it. While it has certainly been my experience that lawyers and clients prefer face to face mediations, the developing health and safety concerns will make traditional mediations a challenge during the next few months.

As a result of these concerns, we are offering mediations via the videoconferencing platform Zoom. This service will allow you and your clients to participate in every stage of the mediation process from the comfort and safety of your office or home. Our office can provide you with the information you need to make the Zoom mediation process a success.

The Zoom mediation will have all the features of a regular mediation:

  • I will have the ability to meet with the lawyers and their clients at the beginning of the mediation.
  • There will be a joint conference room should an opening session be required.
  • We will have breakout rooms to discuss the offers and counter-offers to resolve the case.
  • You can share PowerPoint presentations and documents with me and/or opposing counsel.


Of course, we remain hopeful that our current situation will pass soon. In the meantime, if you would like to schedule a mediation, please feel free to contact us. Stay safe!

Dear Colleagues,

Recently, there was a story in the news raising questions about Zoom’s privacy policies. Zoom has made changes to increase the security of its software. If you would like to read this new policy, here is the link to Zoom’s updated privacy policy. We have found Zoom to be safe and secure. Most of the stories relating to breaches of Zoom meetings involved public meetings with meeting IDs published on social media. We implement settings for our mediations designed to ensure the confidentiality of the process. We have implemented a number of videoconference mediations via the Zoom platform and have found it to be extremely effective. Further, we have received positive reviews from the mediation participants.

Participation in a Zoom mediation is as simple as clicking the secure weblink which we will supply to any party, counsel, insurer, or other attendee upon request. No subscription or membership to Zoom is required. The Zoom platform allows the mediator to control the process by having parties participate either jointly in group sessions or separately in confidential “breakout rooms”, where the mediator can speak with one party and his attorney confidentially and separately from other parties.

We understand that to many of you this may be a new procedure. However, to ensure you and your client’s safety and health during these difficult times, we firmly believe that your cases can be resolved remotely via teleconferencing.  Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

South Texas Mediator

Joe Escobedo, Jr. is a Certified Mediator, having received his mediator’s certification from the Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution at the University of Texas School of Law. Mr. Escobedo has been appointed as mediator by numerous courts to mediate complex cases, and has years of experience in resolving difficult cases on both sides of the docket. He understands the complexities involved and what is necessary to settle serious civil cases.

Mr. Escobedo specializes in mediations in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Law
  • Real Estate Litigation


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